Middle school

The Middle School

During the Middle School years, students experience rapid growth intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and gradually take ownership of the learning process as they build relationships and come to appreciate their own individuality. These are preparation years for the challenges of high school.

Although the Middle School’s academic program is rigorous, our great expectations are fully aligned with the developmental capacities of our young students and fully supported by the close work and passion of our highly trained and experienced faculty.

Because grades 5-8 represent a special period in the life of a child, the members of our faculty are not only discipline area specialists but relationship specialists and adults who have dedicated their professional lives to working with our pre and young adolescent children. While teachers work to know students well enough to challenge them to their fullest intellectual potential, our balanced approach allows significant time for training the body and spirit as much as the mind.

Independent Study

As part of the eighth grade curriculum and as a culmination of the learning experience at Mounthaven, the eighth graders are required to participate in a year-long independent study project and take part in a week-long cultural immersion trip in their Spring trimester.

Course Offerings

Singapore Math 5A - 7B

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry

ELA (English, Social Studies)

Biblical Studies

Physical Education

Mandarin I, Mandarin I Accelerated

Latin I, Latin I Accelerated

Science/STEAM Lab

Coding & Robotics

Drawing & Design


Entrepreneurship, Etiquette, and Emotional Intelligence