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Karate - mid level punch

Karate - high block

Karate - forward move

Karate - sizing stance

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Jisshukan Montgomery Michi Dojo at Mounthaven Christian Academy's mission is to help develop individuals of all ages to their fullest potential, utilizing the time-proven martial art of Okinawan Karate.

The Seven Virtues

Respect (rei)

is perhaps the most important of all virtues, for without this one a person cannot achieve realization in life. One must understand that human beings live in societies, thus to respect others, as well as concepts, laws of nature and of society means the person must first learn and respect himself and life.

Nobility (doryo)
or humbleness

is the only way a person can learn and evolve. By recognizing he/she is part of a larger community, he/she cannot be arrogant.

Humanity (ninyo)
or honesty

guides one’s thoughts and actions. Dishonesty is an illness that corrupts the heart.

Resolution (shiki)
or bravery

is the quality that one must possess to live according to nature’s laws. Bravery or courage is needed to grow valor, a quality needed to accept and deal properly with things and events in life.

Duty (giri)

is what brings loyalty and integrity to a person.

Firmness of Soul (fudo)

is needed to resolve and control decisiveness.

Generosity (ansha)

produces kindness, a sense needed to be in harmony with life and nature.